The FGLNumericVariable Class

For every Genero numeric variable (INTEGER, SMALLINT, FLOAT, SMALLFLOAT, DECIMAL and MONEY) of report data, an object is created that is an instance of an FGLNumericVariable. These objects hold the value of the FGL variable.

Member Objects

Defined fields for the FGLNumericVariable class.

Table 1. Member Objects (Member Variables)
Name Description
value A Numeric containing the value of the field; this is the same as the value of the FGL variable. See Usage.
fglValue A String containing the value of the field as formatted by the DVM. See Class Usage.
name A String specifying the name of the field.
caption A String specifying the title of the field.
type A String specifying the RTL type of the field.
isoValue The locale and formatting-independent representation of the value of the variable.

Class Methods

This subclass inherits the public methods of the Numeric class.

Class Usage

In addition to the value of the FGL variable, these objects contain member variables, among which is the variable value also containing the numeric value. For this reason, it is legal to write "order_line.itemprice" in your expression as a shortcut for "order_line.itemprice.value".

The member variable fglValue contains a String representing the numeric value as formatted by the DVM, taking into consideration such parameters as USING, DBMONEY, etc. In contrast, the member variable value is a numeric value without formatting.