How to run BDL tests

The Genero BDL tests that you have compiled, are run from the command line as shown.

Before you begin:
  • If you are using the GAS:
    • Make sure your GAS version is at least version 3.00 or greater.
    • Make sure that the standalone dispatcher httpdispatch is started and that you can access the GAS demos welcome page, http://localhost:6394/demos.html, from your browser. See the Genero Application Server User Guide for more information.
About this task:

When running tests, you need to pass the name of the application and how to test it as an argument. This can be either:

  • a command (for direct mode)
  • an URL (when running tests over GAS)

Examples of running tests for both methods are given.

Before you begin:
  • It is assumed that you have compiled the Genero BDL test file, for example myapp_tests.4gl.
  • It is assumed that you have placed the compiled file in the directory path/to/myTests and that you have changed to that directory.


  1. Run the compiled test scenario against the application running on the GAS.
    fglrun myapp_tests.42m ua --url http://localhost:6394/ua/r/myapp

    The test runs and the results display in the output.

Alternatively, you can run the test in direct connection mode without using the GAS.

  1. Type the following command to run the test:
    fglrun myapp_tests.42m tcp --command-line "fglrun myapp"

    Where the path to the test application (myapp_tests) and the application being tested (myapp) is the current working directory.

    The test runs and the results display in the output.

Forward to GDC
The GGC does not render a graphical user interface. If you use forward-gui option, the GGC still connects to the DVM, but also forwards the Abstract User Interface (AUI) tree to the running Genero Desktop Client (GDC) so that you can see your scenario being executed. For example, to run the test through the GAS to view it running on the GDC on the localhost, run the following command:
fglrun myapp_tests.42m ua --url http://localhost:6394/ua/r/myapp -f localhost:0