Hardware and Software Requirements

To achieve the best performance with the Genero Evaluation Program, ensure you meet the minimum hardware and software requirements.


  • Pentium Family Processor
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB advised)

Disk Space

  • 1.2 GB used by the Genero Evaluation Program (GEP)
  • 2.0 GB of free space needed during installation


  • Web client: the latest Web browsers are supported
  • Java is required to work with the following components:
    • Genero Report Engine (GRE), an integral part of the Genero Report Writer (GRW) solution
    • Genero Mobile Client for Androidâ„¢ (GMA)
    • Genero Application Server for Java (JGAS)
    • Genero Ghost Client (GGC)

    The version of Java that is supported can vary based on the product or component. To ensure you are viewing the latest information about Java version support for a specific product or component, refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Products download page of the Four Js Web site) or contact your support center.