Temporary licenses

A temporary license is the state of a license after it has been installed, but before it is activated with Four Js.

With a temporary license, you have full use of the product for 30 days. To continue using the product beyond 30 days, simply activate the license.

In most cases, you activate your license immediately after installing the license; however, there are times when you might run with a temporary license.
  • Temporary licensing can be used in an emergency; if anything ever happens to your system and you need to get a Genero system up and running, you can use your existing license on a temporary basis on a new server.
  • Temporary licensing can help to avoid down time when migrating Genero products to a new machine.
  • Temporary licensing can be used when the server does not have internet connection and the license needs to be activated on the Four Js website from another machine.