What hardware or software changes affect licensing?

Some hardware changes affect licensing.

Note: For specific license details, see your license agreement or contact your local Four Js sales office.

If a network card is used for license locking to a server and you have to change your network card on the machine where the license was installed, you have to reapply your Four Js product license. Network cards allow a license to be restored to the same location and on the same hardware when you need to do a restore from backup.

On devices or systems that have no network card, license locking may rely on inodes in Linux®/UNIX™, device-id (MAC address), or file indexes used in Windows® NTFS file system. If a directory change is required, such as an inode structure change, this may impact the license.

The path where the license has been installed should not change, even though latest versions of the licensing software take symbolic links into account, but older versions may not. If you have to move your Genero runtime FGL directory, it requires you to reapply the license. To reapply the license:
  1. Delete the existing license: run the license controller command fglWrt -d, to uninstall the existing license.
  2. Apply the license: run the command fglWrt -l to install the license.
Note: If you are unsure of what impact a server hardware or software change may have on licensing, contact your local Four Js support center.