What is the License Controller?

The License Controller is a license management tool for controlling product licenses.

A License Controller is installed with your Genero product. The license controller responds to requests for licenses when a Dynamic Virtual Machine (DVM) process is started. It determines if a license is available, based on the number of users allowed by the license and the number of licenses actively in use. When a DVM stops, the license controller releases the license.

You use the license controller's command line program (fglWrt or greWrt) to install and manage your licenses.
Tip: To license your Four Js product using a browser-based application, see What is the Genero Licenser?.

License controller programs

The license controller appropriate for your product is provided in the product package.
Table 1. Genero Products and License Controllers
Genero product License controller
Genero Enterprise fglWrt
Genero Mobile fglWrt
Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PHP, and Swift greWrt
Genero Report Engine greWrt

Locating the License Controller

  • The fglWrt program is located in $FGLDIR/bin.
  • The greWrt program is located in $GREDIR/bin.