Troubleshooting license registration

When registering your license on the Four Js website you may get an error message. More than likely you need to request a new activation key.

When registering a license, an error message on the registration page states that you may need to request a new activation key. You may encounter this issue, for example, when you are upgrading your server and registering a license that has already been registered for another server.
There has been a problem during the submit process. 
Please check following comment: 
The number of licensing request is over. 
Please send a New Activation Key Request Form to your 
license provider.
Figure: Four Js license registration failure

Screenshot shows the Four Js license registration page with a message to send a new activation key request to the license provider
  1. Navigate to the Support > License forms page.
  2. Click on the New Activation Key Request link.
  3. Download the form.
  4. Fill out the form to complete the request for a new activation key and send it to Four Js.

For more information and support contact your local Four Js support center.