Get license information using fglWrt

Get details of the status of the license of your Genero product.

About this task:
Use this procedure, for example, to find out the date your maintenance contract or your subscription license expires.

You can also use the procedure described in this topic to retrieve the installation number when you need to register the license and finalize the installation.

From a command prompt, enter the command:.
fglWrt -a info license
Example of Genero BDL license information:
License      : TAB#XXXXXXXX
License key  : KKKKKKKKKKKK
Product      : Four Js Universal Compiler
Type         : Development version
Users        : 5
Extension(s) :
        - Open Database Interface
        - Enhanced license key format
This license is date limited and expires the 2016/03/31 (Year/Month/Day).
Warning! This is a temporary license, installation number is 'NNNNNNNNNNNN'.
This temporary installation will expire in 29 day(s).
WARNING! Your maintenance key has expired. Please contact your vendor.
End of maintenance date: 2016/03/03 (Year/Month/Day).
The output from the license controller command displays details about the installed license.