Deploying String Files

The Compiled String Files must be deployed on the production sites. The file extension is .42s. By default, the runtime system searches for a .42s file with the same name prefix as the current .42r program. You can specify a list of string files with entries in the fglprofile configuration file.

fglrun.localization.file.count = 2 = "firstfile" = "secondfile"

The current directory and the path defined in the DBPATH/ FGLRESOURCEPATH environment variable, are searched for the .42s Compiled String File.

Tip: Create several string files with the same names, but locate them in different directories. You can then easily switch from one set of string files to another, just by changing the DBPATH / FGLRESOURCEPATH environment variable. You typically create one string file directory per language, and if needed, you can create subdirectories for each codeset (strings/english/iso8859-1, strings/french/windows1252).