Strings in Sources

A Localized String begins with a percent sign (%), followed by the name of the string identifying the replacement text to be loaded from the compiled String File. Since the name is a STRING, you can use any characters in the name, including blanks.

LET s1 = %"Greetings"

The STRING "Greetings" is both the name of the string and the default text which would be used if no string resource files are provided at runtime.

Localized Strings can be used any place where a STRING literal can be used, including form specification files.

The SFMT() and LSTR() operators can be used to manipulate the contents of Localized Strings. For example, the program line:
DISPLAY SFMT( %"cust.valid", custnum )
reads from the associated Compiled String File:
"cust.valid"="customer %1 is valid"
resulting in the following display when the value of custnum is 200:
"customer 200 is valid"