Debugging a BDL Program

You can use the Genero graphical debugger or the command line debugger to search for programming errors.

The command line debugger is integrated in the runtime system. You typically start a program in debug mode by passing the -d option to fglrun .

The following lines illustrate a debug session with the simple program:

fglrun -d simple
(fgldb) break main 
Breakpoint 1 at 0x00000000: file simple.4gl, line 2.
(fgldb) run 
Breakpoint 1, main() at simple.4gl:2 
2         CALL sayIt()
(fgldb) step 
sayit() at simple.4gl:6 
6         DISPLAY "Hello, world!"
(fgldb) next 
Hello, world!
7     END FUNCTION -- sayIt (fgldb) continue 
Program existed normally.
(fgldb) quit

This chapter covers concepts from the section Integrated debugger in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.