Direct Connection time lag

When executing an application using a direct connection and with no DNS server configured, there can be a time lag of 4-5 seconds before the application displays when the security level >= 1.

Why does this occur?

For security purpose the GDC stores the list of authorized hosts as an IP address / hostname pair. The delay happens when the GDC is doing a reverse DNS lookup to retrieve the name of the host attempting to connect to the GDC; in the case the IP address can't be resolved, the time lag occurs.

What can you do?

To avoid having a time lag:
  • Set the security level to zero (0) for development.

    When the security level is set to 0, no identity check is done on the host connecting to the GDC. The time lag only occurs when using a direct connection, where the DVM connects directly to the GDC. Given that a direct connection is typically used for development, setting the security level to 0 could be an acceptable workaround.

  • Use secured GDC shortcuts in production.

    If you use a GDC shortcut in HTTP, it is automatically secured. If you use a GDC shortcut in SSH, it can be secured by setting FEID keys via @FGL. Consequently, the security level is transparent and there is no time lag impact. For more information, see Implementing a Secure Server with GDC.