GDC 3.10 upgrade guide

This section describes differences you may encounter when upgrading to Genero Desktop Client 3.10.


This is an incremental upgrade guide that covers only topics related to the Genero Desktop Client version specified in the page title. Check prior upgrade guides if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read about the new features for this version.

Corresponding new features page: GDC 3.10 new features.

Previous upgrade guide: GDC 3.00 upgrade guide.

Debug WebComponents

The Enable WebComponent debugger check box has been removed from the Debug panel. To debug a WebComponent, you must now set the QTWEBENGINE_REMOTE_DEBUGGING environment variable or the --webengine-remote-debugging command line option.

Remove "User limit exceeded" from existing direct shortcuts

Prior to GDC 3.10.14, the shortcut creation wizard presented the string "User limit exceeded" with an action of "Display a message" when defining terminal strings. This string/action is no longer valid and no longer appears in the wizard for new shortcuts being created.

You should manually edit existing shortcuts (created prior to 3.10.14) to remove this string/action.

If the string/action pair is not deleted from existing shortcuts, the risk is that duplicate error message dialogs can display.

New rendering at the bottom of a TABLE INPUT ARRAY

Previously, when a table displays during an INPUT ARRAY, non-data rows displayed after the data rows, appearing as a grid at the end of the table. This behavior could cause confusion as there was no visual distinction between a data row that contained no values and a non-data row.

With GDC 3.10, when a table displays during an INPUT ARRAY, only data rows display. If an empty row appears at the end of the table, it is a data row (albeit an empty data row) and is part of the dynamic array. The remainder of the table space displays as a blank area. Clicking on the blank area allows the user append a new row after the last data row.

Local actions are now deprecated

Business applications should not have to implement local actions, such as basic copy, cut and paste editor actions. The application should instead focus on business needs, and local actions should simply be part of the front-end functionality. Therefore, local actions are marked as deprecated, starting with Genero 3.10. An additional motivation for deprecating local actions is to ensure application consistency across the Genero front-ends, and local actions were only available on the GDC. See Local actions.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, see GDC 3.00 upgrade guide.

Notable changes introduced in maintenance releases: