GDC command line examples

Examples of the Genero Desktop Client command line.


In Linux® and macOS™, you must first set the environment using $GDCDIR/envgdc.

  • gdc -p 6350

    Starts GDC on port 6350.

  • gdc -S demo

    Starts GDC, and the shortcut named demo.

  • gdc -S demo -U smith

    Starts GDC, and the shortcut named demo using smith as the user name.

  • gdc -s -T SSH2 -U smith -H server -P whatisthematrix -C "cd demo ; fglrun demo" -X

    Starts GDC, then connects to server as the user smith with the password whatisthematrix. Once connected, performs the specified command line cd demo ; fglrun demo and closes the GDC when all the applications or terminals are over.