Set the language for the GDC monitor

You can set the language for the GDC monitor from the Language combobox.

You can specify that the labels and buttons of the GDC monitor display using a specific language, and you can change the language being displayed by using the Language combobox located along the bottom of the GDC monitor interface.

What language displays on startup?

When starting the GDC, if the --language command line option is used to specify a language, then that language is used, regardless of what is saved in stored settings. Ideally, the correct language code will be provided, however the GDC will attempt to search for the corresponding language tag. For example, "fr", "fr_CA", "fr-anything" will all redirect to "fr_FR".

If no language is specified with a command line option, then the language saved in the stored settings is used.

If there is no language saved in the stored settings, the language of the current locale is used.

If these attempts to set the language fail, English (en_US) is the default.

Changing the language

Once the GDC monitor starts, the language can be changed through the user interface. Locate the Language combobox towards the bottom of the GDC monitor. From this combobox, you can select the language to use.

Upon exit, the selected language is saved in the stored settings, and the GDC monitor will start with the selected language displayed when the GDC is next started.