Retrieving and managing files

The Genero Desktop Client (GDC) retrieves files as needed by an application, and uses both disk and memory caches to speed access to files that are repeatedly used.

How files are retrieved

All files needed by an application will be retrieved as follows:

  • HTTP and HTTPS files are downloaded directly.
  • For non-HTTP(S) files, the GDC checks if the path is absolute and leads to an existing local file.
  • If the file is not found, the GDC will ask for the file from the runtime. The GDC uses a cache system that will send information to the runtime to determine whether the GDC can use a cached version of the file (if any) or if the file must be transferred again. The cache can be managed from the Advanced tab of the GDC monitor.

For more information, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide, topic Providing the image resource, section The resource file cache of the front-end.

What are these files?

All downloads occurring in the GDC follow the same download rules. These files include:
  • Genero Browser Client files (when using Universal Rendering mode through the GAS)
  • Resources in Universal Rendering mode (images, WebComponents, and so on)
  • Images (Native Rendering mode)
  • Font file (Native Rendering mode)
  • WebComponents (Native Rendering mode)
  • Dictonary files (for TextEdit fields)