Specify which GBC to use

Change the Genero Browser Client (GBC) interface used by the GDC.

When the GDC is used in Universal Rendering mode, it relies on the Genero Browser Client (GBC) rendering engine. The runtime system transmits the GBC used for Universal Rendering to the GDC.

The runtime system searches for the GBC component in this order:
  1. The appdir/gbc directory, where appdir is the directory where the program file is located.
  2. The directory defined in the FGLGBCDIR environment variable.
  3. The $FGLDIR/web_utilities/gbc/gbc directory.

You can specify a different the GBC by editing the appdir or the FGLGBCDIR environment variable.

Important: FGLGBCDIR is ignored when the GAS is used.
Important: Do not change the GBC embedded in $FGLDIR/web_utilities/gbc/gbc.

For further details, see the Graphical mode rendering (GUI mode) topic in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.