Connection configuration options

Use the Connection tab to configure HTTP proxy, HTTP retries, ping events, and tray notifications.

The Connection tab consists of four sections:
Important: Changes are not applied until Apply is clicked. To discard changes, click Restore.

Http Proxy

In the HTTP Proxy section, you can set up the default proxy used for:
  • An HTTP shortcut.
  • An HTTP image lookup (for a Direct Connection shortcut or a Local Execution shortcut).
Warning: Proxy configuration scripts should be avoided, as they are not supported across all operating systems.

Http Retries

In the HTTP Retries section, you configure how and when the GDC will resend the http request on socket or http error. If checked, the GDC will read the value from left to right, waiting the number of seconds entered between each separator before resending the failed request.

For example, the default value "1;1;1;2;2;2;4;4;4" means "on Socket/Http error, wait 1s before retrying, then, if the request still fail, wait 1s more, then 1s more, then 2s between each retry, then 4s between each retry".

Please note that this feature increases the time required for the detection of invalid hosts or dead servers, since the initial request will be retried at least 9 times with a total of 21 seconds to wait. You can temporarily disable it when creating a new shortcut, enabling you to quickly check the reachability of the server.

Ping event

The purpose of a ping event is to check whether the connection with the runtime system or the application server is still alive. To perform this check, GDC sends a "ping" signal over the network. By default, the signal is sent every two minutes. The interval can be changed in the Ping event section (for instance, to 300 seconds).


Enable or disable the display of tray notifications.