GDC 3.20 new features

Discover the new features and changes in functionality introduced with Genero Desktop Client (GDC) 3.20.

Important: This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Desktop Client version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this Genero version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GDC 3.20 upgrade guide.

Previous new features page: GDC 3.10 new features.

Table 1. General
Overview Reference
GDC supports Universal Rendering. See Rendering in the GDC.
All files retrieved for an application use a common retrieval methodology and cache management. See Retrieving and managing files and Advanced configuration options.
You can specify Universal Rendering as the default rendering. See Universal Rendering.
You can set the locale of the GDC with the --language command line option. See Command line options.
You can replay logs in either Native Rendering mode or Universal Rendering mode. See Using the logging system
You can search within the Debug Console. See The Debug Console.
You can force the Debug Console log to auto-scroll to the end when new content is received. See The Debug Console.
You can set the language for the GDC monitor. See Set the language for the GDC monitor.
When debugging a WEBCOMPONENT, you can use the context menu to open the WebEngine debugger in a separate webview. See Debug Web content.
Starting at 3.20.23
With the standard.playSound front call, the GDC now supports sound files provided by URIs that take the form of http or https and that exist on the Web or on a private server. It is no longer required to set up the sound file as a resource on the GAS or programmatically put the file on the client. For information on the standard.playSound front call, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.