Start the GDC

The GDC monitor allows you to create application shortcuts, launch applications, configure the GDC, and more.

Table 1. Start the GDC monitor
Operating System How to start the GDC monitor
Windows® systems Use the shortcut on the Start Menu.
X11 systems Two options:

Use the shortcut on the Start Menu.

Performing envgdc shell will add the Genero Desktop Client binary directory to your path; you will be able to start with the following command : gdc.

macOS™ systems Two options:

The installer adds GDC to the Applications folder.

Create a desktop shortcut to launch GDC from the command line. See Create a Genero Desktop Client desktop shortcut on macOS.

By default, GDC will listen for Runtime System connections on port 6400. You can specify the port by starting GDC with the -p parameter.

If the port is not available, GDC will try the next port, continuing until it finds the first available one.

See command line for a list of all command line options.