Undeploy an archive with the Deployment App

Use this procedure when you need to undeploy an archive on your Genero Application Server using the Deployment App.

Before you begin:

Before you can use the Deployment App, you need to configure and enable the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) on your GAS. You use the StarterApp to perform the installation of the GIP. The Deployment App utilizes the Deployment Service. You must select these components in your GIP configuration at the time of installation.

  1. Start the Genero Deployment App as an authorized user.
    The Genero Deployment App is located at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]ua/r/admin/DeploymentApp.

    Select the Deployment application link from the GAS demos page at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]demos.html.

  2. Select Deploy > Genero Archives ....
  3. In the Manage Genero Archives screen select the archive you wish to undeploy and click on the Undeploy button.

    The archive is removed from the list.