GIP working directory

The Genero Identity Provider (GIP) working directory is the directory where GIP data such as endpoints to GIP services and GIP databases are stored.

The GIP working directory is created during the GIP installation when the file idp.xml with endpoints to GIP services is created and databases are initialized. This directory is set by default to the home directory path of the user installing the GIP, $(home)/.genero-sso

The location of the GIP working directory can be changed by setting the res.path.idp resource in the GAS configuration file.

The GIP working directory contains configuration files for GIP applications, such as the Deployment App and Console App. It also contains configuration files for GIP services such as profile management, user registration, and so on. This directory is also used by the SharedFile App service to share files with other registered users; files are uploaded to the $(home)/.genero-sso/.shared directory. For details about sharing files, go to Share files using the SharedFile App.

It is not recommended to modify any files in the GIP working directory; the purpose of this directory is for internal use only.


Installing more than one GIP instance on the same machine is typically not needed and is not recommended or considered standard usage. However, if multiple GIP instances are used, you must configure a separate GIP working directory for each instance by changing the GAS entry res.path.idp resource in the GAS configuration file (as.xcf).


To reinstall the GIP, remove the GIP working directory completely and rerun the StarterApp application. For details, go to Configure the primary Genero Identity Provider.