Genero SAML log file

The Genero SAML Single sign-on (SSO) implementation produces a log file that helps to identify issues.

The log file of the Genero SAML implementation is called SAML.log and is located in $FGLDIR/web_utilities/saml/bin. This log file contains all incoming and outgoing requests. It can help to debug SAML issues.

You can specify the level of detail recorded to the log with the -debug category option of the SAML server program. There are two categories that can be logged individually or together:
  • MSG - Standard information regarding access and errors. By default, only access and error information are logged.
  • DEBUG - Traces the entire process of single sign-on (SSO).
To add debugging information to SAML.log, modify SAMLServiceProvider.xcf to include the -debug DEBUG option in the command defined by the MODULE element:
<APPLICATION Parent="ws.default"
  <RESOURCE Id="res.saml.db" Source="INTERNAL"/>
   <!-- ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE entries removed for this example -->            
   <MODULE>SAMLServer -logPath $(res.appdata.path) -debug DEBUG -debug MSG</MODULE>

Logging is based on the FGL ERRORLOG() function. As several instances of the same SAML server can write to a single log file, the PID of the server is written to the log file as well.