Alert script example

UNIX® shell script sample sending alert by email.

If you have configured the ALERT_SCRIPT element to execute a script when the GAS raises a monitoring alarm, the following sample script provides you with an example of how you might send notification by email about the alarm. For this purpose, you need to have a mail server set up on your system.

The script is intended as a sample implementation for sending an email alert. You are encouraged to customize the email content for your own application needs.

# email alert script
echo "Subject: GAS ALERT" > /usr/gas/mail.txt
echo "" >> /usr/gas/mail.txt
echo "DATE:" 'date' >> /usr/gas/mail.txt
echo "ERROR="$1 >> /usr/gas/mail.txt
echo "SESSION="$2 >> /usr/gas/mail.txt
echo "." >> /usr/gas/mail.txt
sendmail -v < /usr/gas/mail.txt
The arguments passed in contain information about the actual event:
  1. $1 is the event triggered, like REAL_REQUEST_TIME.
  2. $2 is the session number that triggered the alarm event.

Sample message

This is a sample message sent by the script:
Subject: GAS ALERT

DATE: Thu Apr 9 14:58:15 CEST 2020