The WEB_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT_COMPONENT element defines a set of timeout values to be used when configuring a Web application.


  1. component-id is the unique identifier for this set of timeout definitions.

Child elements

The WEB_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT_COMPONENT element may contain the following child elements:

  1. Zero or one USER_AGENT element.
  2. Zero or one REQUEST_RESULT element.
  3. Zero or one DVM_AVAILABLE element.


You use this element to provide your Web application with a base set of timeout parameters. Timeout components provide instruction on how the GAS reacts to time-based events; such as user inactivity, or the time it takes to start a new application. Each timeout element specifies the number of seconds to wait prior to having the GAS perform the task related to the timeout event.

You can use this element within the COMPONENT_LIST element of the GAS configuration file, to define timeout components that can be referenced by Id when configuring applications; providing a set of timeout values for your applications.

Example usage


In this example, the Id value - "cpn.wa.timeout.set1" - can be referenced when defining an application in the APPLICATION_LIST. The settings defined by that component are inherited. The timeout elements defined within the application's configuration, override the inherited ones.

Parent elements

This element is a child of the COMPONENT_LIST element.