The DOCUMENT_ROOT element specifies root directories that determine file system paths for serving files to applications.


  1. dir-path is a document root path. This element allows for multiple document root paths to be specified; the separator used between resource paths is a semicolon (;).

The DOCUMENT_ROOT element does not support any attributes or have any child elements.


You can use this element to specify root directories for serving files to applications. The default document root directory (res.path.docroot) is $FGLASDIR/web.

Other root directories can be specified as required. For example, the resource path res.path.docroot.user, which is not defined in the GAS configuration file by default, can be set as required for files generated at runtime, such as reports generated by the Genero Report Engine (GRE).


When a web server is included in the solution architecture, the GAS's document root directory is separate to the web server's, which has its own document root - often called htdocs for the Apache web server or C:\Inetpub\wwwroot for IIS. Files located in the web server document root are served by the web server, while files located in the GAS DOCUMENT_ROOT are served by the GAS, i.e. the dispatcher.

Usage example

In this usage example, if you have the demos.html file in this directory and wish to access the file, use the URL: http://<app_server>:<port>/demos.html (where the file is on the host where the GAS resides) or http://<web_server>/gas/demos.html (where the file is on the web server host).

Parent elements

This element is a child of the INTERFACE_TO_CONNECTOR