Activate license with FLM (without internet)

Without internet access, you can register the license with Four Js from another machine via the internet, or by phone, and activate the license with the installation key obtained.

The license must be installed but not yet activated.

  1. Start the command line interface.
    Open a command prompt.
    • On Linux®/UNIX®/macOS™, open a command prompt. "sudo" may be required.
    • On Windows®, open the License Manager Workplace window from the Start menu.
  2. Type flmprg -a info to get license details.
    If a message is displayed that the license is temporary, the license needs to be activated.
  3. Register the license
    Contact the vendor by phone, or register on the Four Js Web site. See the procedure described in Register your license.

    Having registered your license, you have the installation key.

  4. At the command line enter the command to install the installation key:
    1. Type flmprg -k installation-key
      Enter the installation key.

      A message is displayed in the output to say the installation key was installed successfully.

    2. If prompted to install the maintenance key, type flmprg -m maintenance-key
      Enter the maintenance key.

    A message is displayed in the output to say the license installation was successful. License installation is now completed.