Restricting access to licenses

The license manager can be configured to filter the hosts connecting to it.

You can configure access to the License Manager in the configuration file (flmprofile).

You can configure access per license. For example, the license RAA#AAA00001 can not be used by hostA and hostb:
In access configuration, the license number is the key, and the hosts are the values. This entry can also be written using dot notation. For example, the following entry is the same as the one above:

"deny" and "allow" are mutually exclusive. This means that the license you specify for a host in the "deny" element, rules out specifying it in the "allow" element.‚Äč

If deny is defined, any host in the deny list will be rejected, If allow is defined, the FLM will only allow any host in the allow list. It will reject all the rest.

The feature to allow or deny access helps towards securing access, but it should not be relied on like a firewall, or a tool that specifically provides a security service.

Example: Example: allow/deny access

# Four Js License Manager configuration

# ...
# TAB#AAA00004="hostA,hostb"

# RAA#AAA00001="hostA,hostb"