Configure a WS client to use IPv6

Configuration steps to customize IPv6 for a WS client.

A Web Services client program can access a WS server using IPv6.

URLs that map to IPv6 addresses will be automatically handled by the Web Services library. It is also possible to specify an IPv6 address directly as URL in your BDL code by enclosing the address in [] square brackets, for example:

LET myURL = "http://[fe80::20c:29ff:fe05:9ca3]:80/index.html"

By default, the WS library will automatically use IPv6 addresses if available, and fallback to IPv4 if not. To overcome the default behavior, you can explicitly specify the IP version.

The platform where WS client programs execute must support IPv6.

  1. If needed, force the IP version with the entry in your fglprofile file, by specifying "4" for IPv4 or "6" for IPv6.
    For example, to force IPv4 (when IPv6 is available): = "4"

  2. When using IPv6 for link-local addresses, if several network interfaces exist on the machine, you can explicitly specify which interface must be used with the or entry in fglprofile.

    In order to specify the IPv6 network interface by name, use: = "eth0"
    Important: The entry is not supported on Microsoft™ Windows® platforms.

    In order to specify the IPv6 network interface by id, use: = "2"