Global Endpoint type definition

The client stub provides a global endpoint type, tGlobalEndpointType.

The following global type is used by any generated client stub to allow the programmer to change the client behavior at runtime.
TYPE tGlobalEndpointType RECORD # End point
      Address RECORD
         Uri STRING
      Binding RECORD
         Version STRING, # HTTP Version (1.0 or 1.1)
         Cookie STRING,
         ConnectionTimeout INTEGER,
         ReadWriteTimeout INTEGER

Description of variables:

  • Address.Uri: Represents the location of the server.
    Important: It replaces the global variable of type STRING generated prior to version 2.40, therefore it is mandatory to regenerate the client stub and to modify the location assignation in your application.
  • Binding.Version: Represents the HTTP version to use for communication (only 1.0 or 1.1 allowed, default is 1.1).

  • Binding.Cookie: Represents the HTTP cookie to use for communication (or NULL if there is no cookie to send).

  • Binding.ConnectionTimeout : Represents the maximum time in seconds to wait for the establishment of the connection to the server.

  • Binding.ReadWriteTimeout: Represents the maximum time in seconds to wait for a connection read or write operation before breaking the connection.