Label style attributes

Label presentation style attributes apply to LABEL elements.


This topic lists presentation style attributes for a specific class of form element, common presentation style attributes can also be used for this type of element.


By default, to avoid "Stored XSS" attacks, the front-end cleans the HTML sent to form elements to ensure no malicious script can be executed. This security control prevents for example to use HTML content such as "<a href='mailto: …".

The default for the sanitize attribute is "yes".

To disable the checking of HTML content send to form elements, set the sanitize style attribute to "no".

The sanitize style attribute makes only sense for Label form items, when used with the textFormat style attribute set to "html":

<Style name="Label.relax">
     <StyleAttribute name="textFormat" value="html"/>
     <StyleAttribute name="sanitize" value="no"/>


Defines the rendering of the content of the LABEL widget.

Possible values are:
  • "plain" (default): the value assigned to this widget is interpreted as plain text.
  • "html": it is interpreted as HTML (with hyperlinks).

    The HTML content displayed inside a form element using the textFormat=html style must not be a complete HTML document (using CSS styles for example). The content must be simple HTML, with basic tags such as text decoration like <b/> for bold, <ul/>+<li/> for bullet lists, and inline styles.