ComboBox style attributes

ComboBox presentation style attributes apply to COMBOBOX elements.

Note: This topic lists presentation style attributes for a specific class of form element, common presentation style attributes can also be used for this type of element.
Table 1. ComboBox style attributes

Defines the item from which the auto-selection will start, when pressing keys.

Values can be:
  • "current" (default): the auto-selection looks for the first corresponding item after the current item of the object.
  • "first": the auto-selection looks for the first corresponding item after the first item of the object.
Yes No No No
Important: This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.

Activate the ComboBox completer mode.

Possible values are "yes" and "no" (default).

When this attribute is set to yes, the ComboBox will have the following behavior:

  • The ComboBox is editable, but only characters that match an item in the list are allowed (if the list contains the item "aa" and the item "ab", you can type "a", "aa", "ab", but nothing else. If you paste text in the field, it will be truncated until the rule is fulfilled.
  • The drop-down list will only display item which starts with the same characters as the edit field. It is dynamically updated as you type (if the list contains the item "aa" and the item "ab" and you type "a", you will see both items displayed, but if you continue to type another "a", you will only see "aa" in the list.
  • The best match is automatically selected when leaving the field (thus performing an "on change") as soon as you hit "TAB" key, even if the input is not complete.
Yes No No No
Defines the Qt style of the widget. The intent of this property is to allow applying other style attributes such as backgroundColor, on Windows platforms, which is not possible with the default Windows style.
Note: Avoid using this style attribute whenever possible especially on non-Windows platforms
Values can be:
  • "default" (default): the default Qt style is used.
  • "Windows": The older "Windows XP" style is used..
Note: The combobox.qtStyle style attritbute must be set to "Windows", to have other style attributes such as backgroundColor take effect.
Yes N/A N/A N/A

Defines the timeout (in milliseconds) to build the character sequence for item lookup when the user presses several keys successively. When pressing multiple keys, a character sequence is built for item lookup. After the timeout delay has expired, the character sequence is reset.

Yes No No No