ButtonEdit style attributes

ButtonEdit presentation style attributes apply to BUTTONEDIT elements.

Note: This topic lists presentation style attributes for a specific class of form element, common presentation style attributes can also be used for this type of element.


Defines the scaling behavior of the associated icon, if the source image size is bigger than the place reserved for it in the widget.

If the scaleIcon attribute is undefined, the behavior depends on the type of action view: toolbar button icons and action panel button icons are scaled down to match the size of the widget. For other widgets, by default no scaling occurs, as for scaleIcon="no".

Values can be:
  • "no": No scaling occurs and the image is taken as-is. It is up to the developer to resize the source image to avoid misalignment.
  • "yes": Images are scaled down following the height of the widget (button or edit field). Setting a big font can result in a big icon.

Independently of the scaleIcon attribute value,to avoid pixelization or blurring of images, raster images are never upscaled. However, SVG images and TTF icons can be upscaled without any penalty.

If the icon must be enlarged, the image is centered and a transparent border is added to "fill" the empty space. This allows a mix of larger and smaller icons while keeping widget alignment.

If scaling takes place, the aspect ratio of the original image is kept. A non-square source image displays as a non-square scaled icon.


Defines how the virtual keyboard must appear on mobile devices.
Note: Only supported on Androidâ„¢ devices.

Values can be:

  • "onTap" (default): Virtual keyboard shows up when user taps in the field.
  • "onFocus": Virtual keyboard shows up when the focus goes to the field.