The key code table

This table lists internal key codes. Avoid hard-coding these numbers in your sources; otherwise the source will not be compatible with future versions of the language.

Always use the fgl_keyval() function instead.

Table 1. Internal key codes
Value Key name Description
1 to 26 Control-x Control key, where x is the any letter from A to Z. The key code corresponding to Control-A is 1, Control-B is 2, etc.
others < 256 ASCII chars Other codes correspond to the ASCII characters set.
2000 up The up-arrow logical key.
2001 down The down-arrow logical key.
2002 left The left-arrow logical key.
2003 right The right-arrow logical key.
2005 nextpage The next-page logical key.
2006 prevpage The previous-page logical key.
2008 help The help logical key.
2011 interrupt The interrupt logical key.
2020 home The home logical key.
2021 end The end logical key.
2016 accept The accept logical key.
2017 backspace The backspace logical key.
3000 to 3255 Fx Function key, where x is the number of the function key. The key code corresponding to a function key Fx is 3000+x-1, for example, 3011 corresponds to F12.