Decode a file encoded in BASE64 form

The fglpass tool can decode a BASE64 encoded file.

  1. To decode a file encoded in BASE64 form, enter:
    fglpass -dec64 Base64filename
    The fglpass tool outputs the file in clear form on the console.      = "4242"
    crypto.id1.key             = "RSA1024Key.pem"
    crypto.id2.key             = "RSA2048Key.pem"
    crypto.id3.key             = "DSA1024Key.pem"
    crypto.id4.key             = "RSA512Protected.pem"
    crypto.id5.key             = "DSA512ReallyProtected.pem"
    • You don't have to remove the BASE64 BEGIN and BASE64 END tags, if they are present in the file, because the fglpass tool detects and removes them automatically.

    • You can redirect the output of the fglpass tool to a file. For example:
      fglpass -dec64 Base64MyFile > MyFile2