Step 5: Configure Apache for HTTPS

Add the locations of your certs to the Apache configuration file.

You must configure Apache to support HTTPS by adding the required modules. Refer to the Apache Web server documentation for more information.
Once the Apache Web server supports HTTPS, you must change or add the following directives to the Apache configuration file:
  • Set the Apache Web server Certificate Authority List directive created in Step 3 :

    SSLCACertificateFile D:/Apache-Server/conf/ssl/ServerCAList.pem

  • Set the Apache Web server Certificate and associated private key directives created in Step 2 :

    SSLCertificateFile D:/Apache-Server/conf/ssl/MyServer.crt

    SSLCertificateKeyFile D:/Apache-Server/conf/ssl/MyServer.pem

  • Require the Apache Web server to verify the validity of all client certificates:

    SSLVerifyClient require


The Apache Web server must be started on a machine where the host is the same as the one defined in the subject of the server's certificate ( in our example).

In the next step we configure Apache for HTTP basic authentication, Step 6 : Configure Apache for HTTP basic authentication.