Web Services FGLPROFILE configuration

The configuration for the Genero Web Services is defined from entries in the FGLPROFILE file.

When using BDL Web Services on server side, it is the Web server that is in charge of the BDL Web Services server security, not the BDL server application itself. You must refer to your Web server manual to secure the server part of the Web Services.

This is useful for deployment purposes, as no additional code modification is necessary, even if the location of the different servers change, or if different cryptography keys or X509 certificates are necessary for the same application but intended for several customers with their own needs.

The Genero Web Services secured communication and the support of XML-Security is based on the OpenSSL engine. It allows a BDL Web Services client, or a BDL application using the com or xml API, to communicate with any secured server over HTTP or HTTPS, and to handle encrypted and/or signed XML document in BDL coming from any other application.