Step 4: Register the service

Register the service with the Genero Web Services (GWS) server.

Once the Service and operations are defined and the operations are published, the WebService and WebOperation objects have completed their work. Registering a service puts the Genero DVM in charge of the execution of all the operations of that service - dispatching the incoming message to the right service, returning the correct output, and so on. The same service may be registered at different locations on the Web.

The WebServiceEngine is a global built-in object that manages the Server part of the Genero DVM. Use the RegisterService class method of the WebServiceEngine class. The parameter is:

  1. The name of the WebService object
To register the "Calculator" service, for example, created in Step 3: Create the service and operations:
CALL com.WebServiceEngine.RegisterService(serv)

If you want to create a single GWS Server DVM containing multiple Web Services, define additional input and output records and repeat steps 2 through 6 for each Web Service. In Step 5: Start the GWS server and process requests, a GWS Server DVM is started, containing as many Web Services as you have defined. See Web services server program deployment for additional discussion of GWS Services and GWS Servers.