SOAP multipart style requests in GWS

This topic describes multipart support with Genero Web Services

What is multipart style in SOAP?

Multipart style SOAP is the ability to send and receive a SOAP request in multiple pieces. The sending of attached files in separate parts of the SOAP request is one example of a multipart style SOAP request.

Multipart SOAP on the client

When using a WSDL with multipart style, fglwsdl generates a client-side stub handling multipart requests. For more details, see Multipart in the client stub.

Multipart SOAP on the server

Multipart style is not yet supported with the high-level WS API of Genero.

  • It is not possible to write a GWS server handling multipart style SOAP requests with the high-level API.
  • When generating code from a WSDL using multipart style, the fglwsdl will produce a warning message: WARNING : Unable to manage MIME Mutlipart binding on message 'name', where name is the name of the message in XML.

Implementing multipart using the low-level APIs

If required, you can implement a WS server handling multipart with the low-level APIs of Genero Web Services. For more details, see com.HttpServiceRequest.getRequestMultipartType.