Authenticate with GAS

To authenticate an application that is behind Genero Application Server, OAuth is implemented through delegation.

A Genero delegate service for OpenID Connect is delivered in $FGLDIR/web_utilities/services. This must be running to manage all delegated requests for applications or services run on the GAS. For more information, see the pages on How to implement delegation in the Genero Application Server User Guide.

You call the init() method in your client app. This initializes OAuth by:
  • Reading the GAS environment variable OIDC_ACCESS_TOKEN that contains the initial access token the app got from the Genero Identity Provider (GIP), or the third party Identity Provider.
  • Initiating a global variable with that access token.
Then any REST request used in your application will automatically set the access token in a HTTP request header and get access to the service. See the Main program code for access to secure service topic.