Step 8: Compile and run the Genero service

Describes how to compile and run the service to test it.

Compile and link the 2 Genero files created and run your Genero service. It will be directly available for any client, and will provide the WSDL when requested via a HTTP GET with WSDL as query string.


The Genero web service is accessible on URL: http://hostname:9876/ws_zipcode and can return the WSDL on URL: http://hostname:9876/ws_zipcode?WSDL.

$ fglcomp -M genero_service.4gl
$ fglcomp -M genero_server.4gl
$ fgllink -o genero_zipcode genero_service.42m genero_server.42m
$ export FGLAPPSEVER=9876
$ fglrun genero_zipcode.42r
Note: The host name depends on the machine your Genero application is started.
Note: For deploying the service on production sites you will need the Genero application server (GAS) to load-balance the service. See the Genero Application Server User Guide about Web services when deployment is required.