Step 5: Publish the wrapper function as a Genero web service

Based on the details in the configuration file (.4cf) file, create a function that registers your Web service with the Genero Web Service server.

Use the COM APIs to publish the I4GL function as a Web service based on I4GL .4cf configuration file to get a compatible Genero Web service.

To create a new BDL function in charge of the service publication, you will need the following elements of the I4GL .4cf configuration file:

  • The name of the service that is defined in the SERVICENAME entry
  • The namespace of the service that is defined as concatenated to the FUNCTION NAME
  • The name of the function to be published that is defined in the FUNCTION NAME entry
For example, the I4GL zipcode demo has one function published as a Doc/Literal service.
FUNCTION create_zipcode_details_web_service()
  DEFINE serv com.WebService
  DEFINE op   com.WebOperation

  # Create the web service based on the entries of the .4cf file
  #   SERVICENAME: The name of service is 'ws_zipcode'
  #   FUNCTION NAME: The namespace of the service is built from
  #                  the base url '' concatenated to
  #                  the NAME of the I4GL function 'zipcode_details'
  LET serv = com.WebService.CreateWebService("ws_zipcode",

  # Create and publish the Doc/Literal web function based on
  #  step 2, step 3 and step 4
  #  and from the FUNCTION NAME defined in the .4cf file
  LET op = com.WebOperation.CreateDOCStyle("zipcode_details_g",
  CALL serv.publishOperation(op,NULL)

  # Register the service into the SOAP engine
  CALL com.WebServiceEngine.RegisterService(serv)

Note: I4GL supports only Doc/Literal services.
Note: Genero Web Services can contain several BDL functions in the same service. In other words, you can group several I4GL services in the same Genero service.