HTTPS configuration

If no client certificate is provided, Genero Web Services (GWS) does the HTTPS request transparently.

GWS can use an implicit certificate when no HTTPS configuration is provided. For stronger security, you can provide HTTPS configuration with your own certificates and CA list.

The implicit client certificate

For the implicit certificate, no configuration is required. GWS creates a temporary certificate for the HTTPS request. The temporary certificate is valid for the application session.

The explicit client certificate

For the explicit certificate, configure your certificate with entries for your HTTPS and password encryption settings of your FGLPROFILE file.

For access to a specific site, specify security.idsec.certificate and security.idsec.privatekey.

If you use the same certificate across all sites, specify and

Certificate authorities

Certificate authorities (file extension .crt) are usually provided by the system (the operating system keystore). If they are not provided by the system, the certificate authorities are searched for in the following locations:
  1. The $FGLDIR/web_utilities/certs directory
  2. The file specified by the FGLPROFILE file entry
  3. The keystore specified by the FGLPROFILE file entry (Windows® systems) or (all systems).
  4. The directories listed in the FGLPROFILE file entry

Mobile platforms

On mobile platforms, no HTTPS configuration is required, because the Web Service library uses the SSL/TLS certificates installed in the key database of the device (Keystore for Android™ and Keychain® for iOS).

See also Web Services on GMA (Android).