Writing your functions

Write functions that implement the functions in the stub modules. It allows you to create your own version of the function.

The ws_calculator.inc WSDL file provides you with the global input and output records and function names that allow you to write your own code implementing the operations.

Your new code should not be written in the generated modules. For example, do not add your own version of the Add function to the generated ws_calculator.4gl module; it can be included in your module containing the MAIN program block, or in a separate module to be included as part of the Web server application. The function must use the generated definitions for the global input and output records.

In your version of the Add operation, for example, this function adds 100 to the sum of the variables in the input record:
  LET AddResponse.r = (Add.a + Add.b) + 100

See Tutorial: Writing a Server application for more information. The demo/WebServices subdirectory of your Genero installation directory contains complete examples of Server Applications.