The generated callback handlers (legacy)

Understand how to generate legacy stub files (.inc and .4gl) for compatibility with legacy code (Genero 3.20 or prior) in your client stub.

More and more Web services provide support for the different WS-* specifications. To enable a better interoperability with such services, the fglwsdl tool allows the programmer to modify the SOAP request before it is sent, and to perform additional verifications of the SOAP response before it is returned from the BDL function.

If you need to generate stub files (.inc and .4gl) for compatibility with your legacy code (Genero 3.20 or prior), the fglwsdl tool has a -legacy option for this purpose. For example, this command performs several operations at once:
fglwsdl -domHandler -legacy -soap12 -o myDomStub http://localhost:8090/MyService?WSDL
  • It generates the client stub with DomHandler callbacks based on the WSDL for the service running on the localhost.

  • It generates additional calls for each operation of a service to execute one of the three callback handlers you have to implement.

  • It generates the globals file (.inc) containing the definitions of the input and output records, and prototypes of the operations.