The generated functions

Defines the requirements for Genero Web Services (GWS) client functions.

Genero Web Services (GWS) client functions have the following requirements:

  • The function cannot have input parameters.

  • The function cannot have return values.

  • The function's input message must be defined as a global or module RECORD.

  • The function's output message must be defined as a global or module RECORD.

As a result, two types of GWS functions are generated for the Web Service operation that you requested:

  • One function type uses global records for the input and output. The names of these functions end in "_g". Before calling the function in your GWS Client application, you must set the values in the global input record. After the function call, the status of the request is returned from the server, and the output message is stored in the global output record. In addition to performing the desired operation, this function handles the communication for the SOAP request and response, and sets the values in the wsError record as needed.

  • The other function type serves as a "wrapper" for the "_g" function. It passes the values of input parameters to the "_g" function, and returns the output values and status received from the "_g" function. Your client application does not need to directly access the global records. This function can only be used if the parameters are simple variables (no records or arrays).

The generated .inc globals file contains comments that list the prototypes of the functions for the GWS operation, and the definitions of the global INPUT and OUTPUT records.