WSDL generation option notes

  1. For a BDL type DECIMAL(5,2), when wsdl_decimalsize is TRUE, the generated WSDL file contains the total size and the size of the fractional part of the decimal:
       <schema xmlns=""
          <simpleType name="echoDecimal5_2_a_dec5_2_out_FGLDecimal">
             <restriction base="decimal">
                <totalDigits value="5" />
                <fractionDigits value="2" />
    <message name="echoDecimal5_2">
      <part name="dec5_2" type="f:echoDecimal5_2_a_dec5_2_in_FGLDecimal" />
    When wsdl_decimalsize is FALSE, the total size and the size of the fractional part are not mentioned:
    <message name="echoDecimal5_2">
      <part name="dec5_2" type="xsd:decimal" />
  2. If the WSDL file does not contain the size, the client application has no way of knowing the size. In this scenario, a default value for the size is generated. For example, the exported server type DECIMAL(5,2) becomes a DECIMAL(32) on the client side.
  3. It is better to keep the options wsdl_arraysize, wsdl_stringsize and wsdl_decimalsize set to TRUE (default) so that the BDL client application can do an exact type mapping.