Step 1: Import the COM library of the GWS package

The classes that make up the Genero Web Services Library (com) contain the methods associated with creating and publishing a Web Service. You must import the library to use any of these methods in your client application.

To explain how you code a Genero client application that accesses a SOAP Web service, this documentation uses the example of a calculator client application. This application accesses the Add operation in the MyCalculator Web service. To write the client, you simply need to access the WSDL for the Web service. To learn how to program the service, see Writing a Web server application.

In our example, the calculator client application calls a method of the com.WebServiceEngine class to set a timeout, defining the length of time the client will wait for the service to respond. The module must import the library; add the following to the top of the module:
If your application uses data types from the XML class data types, add the following:
If you are using the wsError record, you must import the WSHelper module. Add the following: