BDL to/from XML type mappings

Starting with Genero 2.0, you can add optional attributes to the definition of program variables to be used for XML serialization. These attributes can be used to map a BDL data type used in the input or output message of a Genero Web Service application to a specific XML data type, rather than using the default.

For example, if an XML Schema boolean data type is required for an application, and the corresponding BDL type is a SMALLINT, you can use an attribute to map the BDL SMALLINT variable to the XML boolean.

The following example uses the XSDBoolean attribute to map a BDL SMALLINT variable to an XML Schema boolean type, and assigns an uppercase name as the XMLName attribute:

DEFINE invoice_out RECORD

If you assign your own XMLName attributes, be sure to respect the conventions when using the RPC Service Style.

See the Tutorial: Writing a GWS Server application for additional information about input and output messages.