OM to XML Migration

Code using the OM classes can be converted to XML classes in most cases.

The build-in om package provides basic XML handling. The Web Services extensions xml package provides full support for XML document processing. You may need to change code from om to xml classes. Before you convert code, make sure that you are using the classes from the appropriate package:
  • Classes from the om package exist to manipulate the AUI tree and also provide basic XML handling.
  • Classes from the xml package provides classes and methods to handle any kind of XML document processing, and are recommended for XML document manipulation.
Why would you migrate from om to xml classes and methods?
  • You need to be able to utilize a feature (such as a StyleSheet) that requires use of methods from the xml library classes.

The DOM API of the om package is designed to handle specific FGL files and to manipulate the user interface tree (the AUI tree). For all other cases, we recommend that you use the DOM API of the Web Services xml package.